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All Miners Mix products come with easy to follow directions to make really good grub! The other ingredients you'll need are pretty common, and dollars to donuts, we'll bet you've got 'em already sittin' right there in your pantry.


This stuff is ALL NATURAL! That's why every package states:

"If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here!"


A2015-GarlicBread.gif OMGarlic! Cheese Bread Spread

The best cheesy garlic bread you'll ever put into your mouth.

We actually changed the name of this product to reflect the OMG! response we get when folks taste our garlic cheese bread for the first time!

Our best seller by far!  Taste Test Approved at shows and events throughout California!

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG, and LOW in salt

Easy to make! Blend with mayonnaise.  Mixed product will last a long time in the fridge, so it’s easy to have on hand and make a slice or two at a time.  This package makes enough to do several loaves. Best with sourdough bread.

2 oz package.


A2015-Salmon.gif Natural Salmon Marinade

Make the BEST grilled salmon or tuna you've ever done before. Honest!

Blend the package with olive oil, vinegar, and soy sauce, then marinate your fresh fish for ONLY 10-15 minutes.

For tips on how to grill salmon or other fish be sure to check out our fish grilling tips under the recipes link.

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG, and LOW in salt

2 oz package.




A2015-Bean-Dip.gif Bodacious Bean Dip

Magic in a box when combined with a can of refried beans and a tub of sour cream.

The best bean dip ever. NOT spicy, only slightly HOT.  Full of flavor! 

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, and NO MSG.

1.5 oz package






A2015-Chorizo.gif Natural Chorizo Mix

Want HEALTHY and NATURAL Chorizo?

This is for you!  Make it with your own ground beef so it comes out low in fat and with nothing artificial, compared to that store-bought stuff in the plastic tubes.

  A rare heritage chile combined with other seasonings yields a chorizo that's unlike any other. 

Simple to make!  Use 1 lb ground beef, add a little cider vinegar along with a little water, mix well, then add the chorizo mix.  Fry it up with some eggs for fantastic breakfast burritos. It's best mixed with 80/20 ground beef, but can be made with ground turkey, though it will cook up dry.


3 oz package.



A2015-Steak.gif Original Steak and Veggie Rub

A steak seasoning like no other!

Perfect for all grilled steak, hamburgers, tri tip, or whatever. Miners Mix Steak Rub along with some olive oil makes the best grilled mushrooms and veges on the planet! Great on hash brown potatoes and fresh tomatoes too!

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, and NO MSG, plus it's LOW in salt, so you can pack it on without over-salting!

6 oz shaker jar.




A2015-XXX-Garlic.gif XXX-Garlic Seasoning and Rub

Love Garlic?  Us too!  Granulated, Minced, Powdered....It's ALL in here! A little salt along with some other spices, but mostly Garlic, Garlic and more Garlic!

Great on pot roast, pork chops, chicken or anything else you might care to put on the grill, in the oven, or in a fryin' pan!

As always, NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, and NO MSG plus LOW in salt!

6 oz shaker jar.



A2015-Poultry.gif Poultry Perfection Rub

The last chicken dry rub for grillin’ you’ll ever want or need.

This all-natural Poultry Rub is fantastic for grilling chicken, as a beer can chicken rub, or as a rotisserie chicken dry rub. It also works great on turkey and if you’re of the adventurous sort, it’s great on geese and ducks as well.  Give us a holler for tips on a cookin’ ducks.  We’ve cooked our share around here.

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG, and LOW in salt, so you can pack it on without overpowering the meat!

5 oz shaker jar.



PrimeRib350.gif Roast and Prime Rib Herbed Rub

Our newest and most thoroughly tested rub!  This stuff received rave reviews from everyone who tried out the pre-production samples.  Garlic, Rosemary, Celery Seed, Oregano, Thyme and a light amount of Salt.  What else could you possibly want on your prime rib?

Our Roast and Prime Rib Herbed Rub forms a fantastic crust on any oven roasted meat including beef, lamb, game, and poultry. Also great on the grill!  Just rub it on your roast the day before and let it do its magic in the fridge overnight.


The aroma that comes from the oven will be intoxicating.  Start your roast at a high temperature of 450F for 25 min or so, then lower the trmperature to 325-350 until your roast reaches the desired internal temperature.

A2015-Maynards.gif Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub

A great Memphis style BBQ rub with only a hint of sweetness.

Not nearly as sweet as our Kansas City Style BBQ rub.

Our personal favorite for slow-cooked pork as well as beef.

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG, and LOW in salt.

6 oz shaker jar.




A2015-Kits.gif Kit's K.C. BBQ Rub

A great sweet Kansas City Style rub

Best for spare ribs and pork butt cooked LOW and SLOW

This secret blend of herbs and spices thoroughly penetrates the meat to make your Barbecue come alive with flavor.

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG, and LOW in salt.

5 oz. shaker jar. 




A2015-Chipotle.gif Wholly Chipotle Seasoning and Rub

A nice, mellow smoky chipotle flavor that's only slightly warm.

Real chipotle Real chipotle flavor. 

NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG and LOW salt.

6 oz shaker jar.


A2015-Fire-in-the-Hole.gif Fire in the Hole Ghost Pepper Rub

We continually get asked during events and demos when we’re going to introduce a HOT rub.  Well here it is!


This one is based on the Bhut Jalokia chile, AKA Ghost Pepper, which until recently was the hottest pepper in the world.  In India, they use this chile to repel elephants, so it has to be really beneficial to your insides, hence the name Fire in the Hole!  Unlike other really hot rubs, this seasoning has TONS of flavor.  A blend of six chiles with heavy emphasis on the Bhut Jalokia, combined with a whole bunch of other spices, it has a complex heat that starts in the front of your mouth then proceeds to the back of the throat, where it persists for some time. 



The heat comes from real chiles; unlike cheap ghost pepper seasonings, there’s no capsacian oil in this stuff and that’s the reason for the high price.  Bhut Jalokia ghost pepper powder is over $180 a lb and there’s a fair bit in here. 


2 oz jar.  A little goes a long ways!




A2015-HotBanero.gif PepperHead's HotBanero

Our medium heat spice blend with an emphasis on the habanero chile, this rub combines fruitiness with heat and lots of flavor.  HotBanero contains the same six chiles found in Fire in the Hole, but in different ratios and on different seasoning foundation for a vastly different heat and flavor profile.  A favorite of many folks and plenty hot all on its own! 

3 oz shaker jar




Miners-Mix-3pk-2015.gif 3 Pack HEATER!

A great gift idea!


Get all 3 Miners Mix SPICY rubs inside a hand crafted, laser-engraved wooden crate made right here in Mariposa!


The crate comes with our mild Wholly Chipotle, our medium HotBanero, and our professional level Fire in the Hole Ghost Pepper-based Rub!



Spatula-sm.jpg Presentation BBQ Turner

A Genuine American-Made BBQ tool! 

These are almost extinct and that’s a real shame!  We had to look long and hard to find a source for these American-made BBQ tools. We found maybe the last company to actually make ‘em right here in this great nation.  Like a lot of things American, this one's BIG, a little over 23" long with a gigantic 4" X 8" stainless steel blade. The blade is attached to the rosewood handle with two hefty brass rivets.  Overall, a real quality item.

Best of all, we'll custom laser engrave this BIG bad boy with ANY artwork you care to send us. Makes a truly unique presentation piece or gift for that special outdoor chef! Artwork is permanent and will not rub, wash, or scratch off. Email to us a JPEG of your artwork and we'll format it to fit just like the one in the picture.




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