Miners Mix has less than half the sodium content that other brands use.

  • NO MSG

    We pride ourselves on having no MSG or flavor enhancers of any kind in our products. What you taste is real, true, natural ingredients.


    Absolutely no artifical preservatives are in our products. We want people to taste the all natural flavors of the ingredients, not artifical chemicals.

What makes us different from our competitors?

Our Clean Purposeful Ingredients:

Miners Mix is made with simple, real ingredients having real nutritional benefits; no ingredient requires more than 3 syllables
to pronounce.

Miners Mix contains only spices, a minimal amount of salt, a bit of cane sugar to caramelize during cooking, and
a trace amount of canola oil.

Everything is from natural sources and there are no artificial, manmade ingredients in any
of our blends, because

"If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here"